Success is seldom an overnight destination. It is rather a journey, with myriad slopes, slants, twists and twirls. Victors are those who are adamant enough to stick to their path despite the many hurdles they might face on the course of their journey. IndusViva is the proud home of numerous such champions, who have conquered everything on their way and is still in the pursuit of new challenges.

Dear all,
Join me in congratulating our brand new EXECUTIVE WHITE DIAMONDS, Srividya & KVN Srinivas, the epitome of dedication, hard work and winning mentality that is second to none. A true leader indented to create the ripples of growth around, by bringing in the new paradigms and insights of organised steps to success. Designed to accelerate at the speed of light to the milestones of their dreams!

Leaders like you hoist the Viva flag high. Many Congratulations!!